Finding Spiritual Oneness in Interfaith Relationships


Are you part of the dramatic change taking place in the North American Jewish community in the last 25 years? More than 50% of all Jewish weddings are Jewish-Gentile marriages, and over 70% of all Jewish romantic partnerships are with Gentiles. So, if you are part of a Jewish-Gentile couple, or you know one of these couples, then you know you are now in the majority!

Unfortunately, research also indicates 75% of those relationships will suffer dissatisfaction or divorce. One study asked Jewish-Gentile couples to describe their greatest challenges. Among the most commonly reported barriers was in their effort to find spiritual harmony. We understand your situation and offer free resources to help.

We are available to support you in your discussion of cross-cultural areas of identity, inter-marriage plans, family relations, life-cycle events and the hope for spiritual life together. Let us know how we can serve you.

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Meet Some Jewish Gentile Couples

Meet Stephen and Laura Katz: How I Married a Shiksa GoddessLaura Vesanen was raised in a strong Christian home, but in high school decided to run away from God. After graduation, she thought the best place to be “safe from Jesus” was in the arms of a Jewish boyfriend, Stephen Katz. But she didn’t know that Stephen was about to begin a spiritual search that would lead him to the conclusion that Jesus is the Messiah!…Read more…


May we serve you? is all about helping people who are in Jewish-Gentile relationships (dating, engaged, married, etc.) find spiritual harmony. Contact us below to get in touch with someone.