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Finding Spiritual Harmony in Your Jewish-Gentile Relationship
by Tuvya Zaretsky 

Finding Spiritual Harmony in your Jewish-Gentile Relationship can give hope and help to Jewish-Gentile couples struggling to overcome cross-cultural challenges. This booklet includes interactive sections to help partners address sensitive topics.

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He Said, Then She Said by Tuvya Zaretsky

How do you explain to a Jewish-Gentile couple that Yeshua can bring them spiritual harmony, when one or both don’t yet know our Messiah? Tuvya Zaretsky has written this engaging and highly-readable workbook to help you do just that. The rising rate of intermarriage makes ministry to these couples an essential avenue for outreach.

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The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller 

Timothy Keller’s book offers instruction on how to have a successful marriage, and is essential reading for anyone who wants to know God and love more deeply in this life.

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The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

No matter the state of your relationship, Dr. Chapman’s approach to giving and receiving love can help gain deeper insight to communicate clearly and create a healthy understanding of each other within your relationship.

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Comfortably Jewish: Practical Ways to Enjoy Your Family Heritage
by Garrett Smith

If you are in a Jewish-Gentile marriage or if you are not that involved with the Jewish community, how do you pass on a sense of meaningful Jewishness to your kids? Garrett Smith has a conversational, engaging writing style and in his book, he shares stories and practical tips on everything from children’s activities to Jewish food to celebrating the holidays. A must-have resource for families who want to enjoy the Jewish side of life!

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Family Life

This is a great website that discusses the benefits of marriage and offers resources for strengthening marriages that last for the long haul. It also gives great practical advice for complex challenges in blended families and so much more!

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Marriage Trac

Marriage Trac is a sub-ministry of Growthtrac Ministries and is a Christian nonprofit digital media ministry that serves to strengthen marriages by providing life-changing, Christ-centered resources through innovative media.

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5 Love Languages & Apology Language Quiz

Two great resources we love that anyone can have access to are the 5 Love Languages and Apology Language Quiz. This is a great website to learn about how to be a more effective communicator with your partner, as well as how you and your partner can build a stronger relationship. 

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