Mike and Victoria Stele’s Story

This story is from Mike and Victoria. Jewish-Gentile Couples · E10 Mike and Victoria Stele

Teddy and D’Vora Lema’s Story

Jewish-Gentile Couples · E9 D’vora and Teddy Lema

Irina and Tim Orf’s Story

Jewish-Gentile Couples · E8 Irina and Tim Orf

Ephraim Radner and Annette Brownlee’s Story

Jewish-Gentile Couples · E7 Ephraim Radner and Annette Brownlee

Karl + Kristen de Souza’s Story

Jewish-Gentile Couples · E7 Karl & Kristen deSouza

Jesse + Lucy Eshleman’s Story

Jewish-Gentile Couples · E5 Lucy and Jesse Eschleman

Ron + Liessa Randle’s Story

Jewish-Gentile Couples · E3 Ron and Liessa Randle

Daryl + Stacy’s Story

Daryl and Stacy met while working at a motion picture and television studio. She was from a Jewish Chicago suburb. He was from South L.A. Daryl brought Stacy to his family’s church. She was the only white person there and, was actually traumatic because it was the first time in her life that she’d ever been in a church.

The Idea Behind Jewish-Gentile Couples

What’s the background to the Jewish-Gentile Couples podcasts? Tuvya Zaretsky researched the challenges reported by mixed couples, when only one partner is Jewish. He describes what he learned along with making some observations about hope for addressing those challenges.