Mike and Victoria Stele’s Story

How do a Jewish guy and a Latina/Filipina Christian girl come together through cross-cultural religious challenges? Mike and Victoria are a California couple who met at a waterpark, married in a rush, and today are together and solid as a rock. How’d they do that? Give their story a listen.

Teddy and D’Vora Lema’s Story

D’vora and Teddy are a mixed ethnicity couple from Ethiopia. He was raised by his grandparents and reunited with his mother in Canada at age 12. D’vora’s family are Ethiopian Jews who were airlifted to Israel during Project Solomon. Their love story will lift your heart in how they found unity and spiritual harmony.

Irina and Tim Orf’s Story

Irina is Jewish and was raised in Ukraine, while her husband, Tim, is from Minnesota. These two Gen-Xers met in an unlikely, but perhaps providential, way. Their love story is one of hope and healing.

Ephraim Radner and Annette Brownlee’s Story

Ephraim Radner and Annette Brownlee are an intermarried couple and scholars serving at Wycliffe College, an evangelical graduate school of theology at the University of Toronto. Jewish identity, the biblical history of Israel, and deep faith in Jesus are important to both partners in this thoughtful Jewish-Gentile couple.

Karl + Kristen de Souza’s Story

How do a Jewish man and a Korean woman find spiritual harmony? Karl and Kristen deSouza came a long way geographically and spiritually to find oneness in their marriage. They share what guided them to one another and keeps them on solid ground together.

Jesse + Lucy’s Story

Lucy and Jesse are from California and Illinois. Woven throughout their cross-cultural conversations are the biblical backgrounds, meanings of rituals, and different festival celebrations. They love each other, learn from one another, and grow into new understandings together. Enjoy hearing how they do that.

Ron + Liessa Randle’s Story

He’s a Black Christian and she’s a traditional Jewish woman. They’re both from St. Louis. They both experienced ethnic prejudice before and after they were married to one another. They also found spiritual strength and joy together through their mutual faith. Ron and Liessa love God, love one another, and love other people.

Mike + Sarah Mills’ Story

Mike is a Gentile “none” raised with some exposure to Catholic traditions and culture. Sarah lived and practiced traditional Judaism in a near-north suburb above New York City. They met while attending college, fell in love, and then discovered each faced serious and unique cross-cultural challenges. Give a listen to their honest description of how they resolved those challenges.

Daryl + Stacy’s Story

Daryl and Stacy met while working at a motion picture and television studio. She was from a Jewish Chicago suburb. He was from South L.A. Daryl brought Stacy to his family’s church. She was the only white person there and, was actually traumatic because it was the first time in her life that she’d ever been in a church.

The Idea Behind Jewish-Gentile Couples

What’s the background to the Jewish-Gentile Couples podcasts? Tuvya Zaretsky researched the challenges reported by mixed couples, when only one partner is Jewish. He describes what he learned along with making some observations about hope for addressing those challenges.