Our Coaching Program

All Jewish Gentile Couples coaches are extensively knowledgeably on complicated interfaith issues. As Jewish people who believe in Jesus, our coaches have had to navigate multiple faith cultures and balance dual identities in their own lives. In addition, each coach has received specialized training in cross-cultural relationships and the unique challenges they pose.

All communication is cross-cultural.

We’re not here to convince you who is right in the relationship. Open conversations need to begin with the convictions and beliefs that you and your partner hold. Jews for Jesus-affiliated coaches are uniquely qualified to serve as cross-cultural mediators because we are familiar with multiple spiritual cultures. We respect you and your partner’s personal beliefs and want to create a space for each of your voices to be equally heard. We want to help you ask the right questions and find the best answers.

Founder: Dr. Tuvya Zaretsky

Tuvya holds an MA in Missiology with a concentration in Judaic Studies from Fuller Seminary's School of Intercultural Studies and a Doctorate of Missiology from the Division of Intercultural Studies at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He is the founder of JewishGentileCouples.com, a free coaching service for interfaith couples. Tuvya and his wife, Ellen, have three children and two grandchildren.