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Six Questions That Will Help You Plan Your Interfaith Wedding

You’re engaged? Mazel tov! Planning a wedding can be both exciting and incredibly stressful. But it can be a whole different level of challenge when the wedding is going to join two people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. As specialists who coach interfaith couples through milestones like these, we know firsthand about these challenges—and […]

Mike and Victoria Steele’s Story

Tuvya: With us today are Victoria and Mike Stele. Victoria is a high school teacher and Mike is a lawyer from Southern California. Victoria, tell us a little bit about your family and spiritual background growing up. Victoria: I come from a really large Hispanic/Filipino family. My father was a Vietnam vet, hippie, married my Filipino/Hispanic mother. […]

Resolving The December Dilemma

Ever wonder if there are any resources out there to help you resolve your family’s cultural tensions during the winter holiday season? Here are some useful suggestions to help you out!

Raising Kids in an Interfaith Home

One of the biggest challenges that Jewish-Gentile couples face is friction over how to raise children. Whether this is uncharted territory or a familiar struggle for you, we offer some practical resources.

Why Your Interfaith Relationship May be Marginalized by Religious Institutions

As an interfaith couple, one or both of you may have experienced moments of feeling unwelcome within the other’s community. We want to help you navigate these cross-cultural challenges.