About Us

Jewish Gentile Couples is a collective of ministers who offer free of charge resources and support to help couples find spiritual harmony.

While the 2014 Pew Research found 44% of all American Jews are intermarried, other research reported that 75% of Jewish intermarriages experience dissatisfaction or divorce. Your relationship doesn’t have to be a statistic. We exist to help!

As cross-cultural translators, we help couples find greater understanding with each other and help families relate more successfully around issues of culture and faith. Jewish-Gentile Couples is a free service sponsored by the Jews for Jesus ministry, and most of our counselors are intermarried and either Gentile Christians or Messianic Jews. 

We believe that all communication is cross-cultural and that helping partners grow in understanding their cultural differences requires having safe conversations. We respect diversity of opinions and we believe that manipulation should never be condoned. We know that building trust takes time. Our hope is that when we ask the right questions, you can find the best answers for your relationship and discover a mutually satisfying spiritual harmony.

Dr. Tuvya Zaretsky


Tuvya holds a Doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He is the founder of JewishGentileCouples.com, a free counseling service for intercultural couples. Tuvya and his wife, Ellen, have three adult children and two grandchildren.