About Jewish Gentile Couples

Jewish Gentile Couples was founded in response to a growing trend within North America: research indicates that over 70% of all Jewish romantic partnerships are with Gentiles. Unfortunately, 75% of those relationships report conflict, dissatisfaction, or even divorce. But your relationship doesn’t have to be a statistic. We’re here to help!

Jews for Jesus has been addressing the unique struggles Jewish Gentile couples like you face for nearly 20 years, and we have a proven track record of providing positive support to a variety of interfaith relationship types. We also offer local services for interfaith families in 24 cities around the world.

We have unique experience grappling with such complexities, because this is who we are. As Jews for Jesus, we are both authentically Jewish and passionate about our faith in Jesus. We’ve learned how to navigate faith and relationships while balancing a dual identity.

Jewish Gentile Couples is a free service provided by Jews for Jesus. All of our coaches have received specialized training in intercultural relationships and challenges.

Now we want to share with others the insights we’ve gained and help couples like you. There is hope for understanding, progress, and spiritual harmony!

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