Finding Spiritual Oneness in Interfaith Relationships

Yes, I want to know God!

If you arrived at this screen it means that you clicked yes are ready to receive Jesus in your heart. We invite you to confirm your beliefs by praying the following prayer.  You can pray out loud or silently in your heart to God:

“Dear God, I admit that I have sinned against you. I believe Jesus died and rose again from the dead to pay the penalty for my sins. With this prayer, I receive Jesus as my Savior and my Lord.  Please forgive me of all my sins in His name.  Thank you God for cleansing me of all my sin and giving me a brand new life, peace and eternal life through Messiah Jesus.  Please help me to live my life for you and to be faithful in learning to trust you and love you more each day.  Amen.”

If you’ve prayed this prayer, click here.
If you can’t pray this prayer yet, click here.

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admin • October 20, 2008

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