Finding Spiritual Oneness in Interfaith Relationships

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Jewish Gentile Couples - Trends, Challenges and Hopes

Jewish-Gentile Couples:
Trends, Challenges and Hopes

by: Enoch Wan & Tuvya Zaretsky


Enoch Wan and Tuvya Zaretsky produced a report from qualitative social research on the challenges that are reported by Jewish-Gentile couples. The study found complex phenomenon at the juncture of two different cultures. The trend of intermarriage in America and the social implications will help people who are affected to better understand the nature of their challenges and to know they are not alone. It offers some initial resources and suggested ways forward. The book is a good introduction to the purpose behind the website.

Publisher: William Carey Library

Pages: 126

ISBN: 0-87808-456-8

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The Gospel and Jewish-Gentile Couples


MISHKAN is an international journal for people who are interested in Christian resources that are available for ministry among Jewish people. It offers a series of easy to read articles that summarize some of the important findings from the 2004 research into the challenges faced by Jewish-Gentile couples. Any Christian who is working with dating, cohabiting or married Jewish-Gentile couples will benefit from the helpful articles in this journal.

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