Finding Spiritual Oneness in Interfaith Relationships

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The purpose of is to increase understanding of the challenges experienced by Jewish-Gentile couples who are dating, cohabiting, and married, and to help them make Godly decisions. This site is a ministry of Jews for Jesus.

This site aims to serve couples with challenges in the four relational phases, starting with dating relationships, to a wedding, to a season without children, and finally the period when children enter a family.

If you are part of a Jewish-Gentile couple, or you know someone who would benefit from these resources, please contact us here to speak with a Jewish-Gentile couples specialist at no cost.


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admin • November 17, 2008

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May we serve you? is all about helping people who are in Jewish-Gentile relationships (dating, engaged, married, etc.) find spiritual harmony. Contact us below to get in touch with someone.